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Crossing the Pond: Managing Litigation Expectations in Europe and the U.S.

I recently had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with my London-based partner, Aymen Khoury, to discuss the primary ways in which U.S. litigation is unique from UK and EU-based actions. We talked about how cases are filed, fee arrangements, discovery, and preparing witnesses for testimony. Of course, we tackle controversial topics such U.S. juries which cause some heartburn for litigants unaccustomed to the notion of laypersons deciding complex business cases.

Aymen has a fascinating practice which, while based in London takes him to all parts of the world representing clients in a vast array of cross-border disputes including court actions and arbitrations. Although he has only been at Dorsey for a bit over a year, I've enjoyed collaborating with him, including a few days in Paris at the International Bar Association conference last year.

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