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The New Trap Doors in Employment Litigation

What are some of the emerging litigation risks and employer obligations relative to cannabis legalization, violence in the workplace, controlling political turmoil in the workplace and other recent trends?

One of the most evolving and dynamic categories of litigation risks relates to a company’s employees.  Crewmember litigation is what we refer to as the fifth C of the Five Litigation Risks.  Each year, new legislation is signed into law and landmark decisions are issued, broadening this risk and the duties of employers to employees.  Invariably, the scope and nature of the risk increases, as the trend is to provide employers more protections. Metaphorically, the trap door on which employers may unwittingly be standing may spring at any minute with a new litigation claim.  In this encore episode, California partners, Nisha Verma and Heather Dillion return to SharkCast to highlight some trends on the horizon and offer practical insights on best practices navigate these litigation risks. Among other topics, we discuss cannabis in the workplace, workplace violence prevention, regulating debates among employees on political and social issues, and new trends in wage and hour litigation.

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